The Scottish Government has made the promise to ‘significantly reduce’ long hospital stays and out-of-area residential placements for people with learning disabilities or complex needs by March 2024.

People First (Scotland) welcomes this announcement but a single day longer living in these places is too long. We will post updates here on this work, too many promises have been made before and not kept.

We ask the Scottish Government to abolish substitute decision-making and establish supported decision-making across Scotland, realising and respecting our human rights to independent and family life

A list to make housing and support better for all citizens with a learning disability:

• No-one should have institutions or hospitals as their home
• We should not be forced to live with other people we don’t like or don’t know
• We should be supported to have the same life choices as other citizens
• We should be supported to set up our own homes when we reach an adult age rather than continuing to live with parents or family members
• We should have the choice of living by ourselves or living with a partner or a friend
• We should be supported to become home owners if our income can support that
• We need more accessible and affordable housing