Watch this video to learn more about us and what we do.

People First (Scotland) works to support people with learning difficulties to have more choice and control over our lives.

We have been going since 1989 when members at our first National conference decided that we should have our own organisation.

From the very beginning, we made our own decisions and decided our own policies.

We are a membership organisation open only to people who have a learning difficulty or what services call a learning disability. That means that no-one else has any say at all in what our organisation does.

We work for change on 3 levels:

The way we see ourselves – so we become more confident about what we CAN do

The way other people see us and the laws and policies that affect us.

People First is an International movement and you can find out where some

of the other People First organisations are by clicking on Links  on the left hand side of the page.







People First (Scotland) is run by a Board of Directors. To find out about the Board, click on the button below.



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