Parent’s Group statement on Neglect

The People First (Scotland) Parents’ Group has written a statement about neglect. We are very worried about the proposed change to the crime of neglect. We think this will have an unfair impact on parents with learning disabilities if we don’t get the support we need. We are asking parents, professionals and organisations to add their name to the statement. We will then send it to the Minister for Children and Young People, Maree Todd. If you are happy to add your name please email Jane Lewis on by 8th June.

Summer 2018 Newsletter 

Our Summer newsletter is out now! You can read this by clicking on the button below.





Framework on Supported Decision-Making

We are pleased to publish our Framework on Supported Decision-Making developed by the Law and Human Rights group. You can read the framework or the summary by clicking below.


Click below to read our Easy Read summary and main report on “Does it matter? Decision-making by people with learning Disabilities”.

National Newsletter


People First are pleased to relaunch our National Newsletter. It has been many years since we published a National Newsletter and we are excited to share this with you. You can read the Newsletter by clicking on the Newsletter button below.

Parents Group Celebration

‘The Parents’ Group held an event to celebrate our 10th birthday on 26th January 2017.You can find out more information about the event by clicking on the button below. This will take you to the Parents page where there is more information about all the work that the Parents Group have done over the years.



People First (Scotland) was formed in 1989 and in 2014, we were going for 25 years.

This is a presentation we gave to the 25th Anniversary celebration which tells you a little bit about our history.

We held our Anniversary celebration on the 29th October 2014 with over 100 members and quite a few “friends of People First”. Here is a short video of the day.

booklet25AnThis is the report we produced and you can download it here

PF 25th anniversary May 15



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