Watch this video to learn more about our board.

Our board of directors is made up only of people with learning difficulties.

Directors are elected by the members in each area of Scotland.

There are different numbers of director places in each area.  This is because some areas have more members than others.

Directors sit on the Board for three years and then they stand down. They can stay on the Board if the members vote them back on. Usually, there is a lot of competition for the Director places.

The board gets advice and support from the company secretary.

The Board of Directors, is:

Fiona Wallace (chair); Keith Lynch (Vice-chair); Idem Lewis (Treasurer); Douglas McPhilips, Fraser Haldane, Steven Robertson, Tracy Lynch, John Macaloney, Alex Gibson, Billy Lindsay, Margaret Wilson, Jacqueline Campbell, Billy MacLeod, James McNab, Brian Rosie, Joan Irons, David Tawse, Tiaammii Summer, Geraldine McCormack, Ethel Gemmel, Billy Montgomery, Vicki Chalmers, Bianca Wood, Ivan Cohen, Steven Laing.


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