People First (Scotland)


People First (Scotland) works for the human rights of people who have the labels of Learning Disability or Intellectual Impairment. We have had many other labels over the years which we have successfully campaigned to get rid of.

People First (Scotland) began in 1989 when members at our first National conference decided that we should have our own organisation.

From the very beginning, we made our own decisions and decided our own policies.

People First (Scotland) is a disabled people’s organisation (DPO) and is controlled by its members who all have a Learning Disability. That means that no-one else has any say at all in what our organisation does.

For members of People First, controlling our own organisation is an experience which is in complete contrast to most or all other aspects of our lives.

We give people with learning disabilities a voice. We meet in local groups and discuss issues that are important to us. We give each other advice and support and campaign to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities. 

Our Board

Our board of directors is made up only of people with learning disabilities. Local members elect directors who represent them on our National Board.

Local groups highlight issues that their elected representative then takes to the Board. These issues often influence the campaigns and work of the organisation. 

Directors are elected by the members in each area of Scotland. There are different numbers of director places in each area. This is because some areas have more members than others.

Directors sit on the Board for three years and then they stand down. They can stay on the Board if the members vote them back on. Usually, there is a lot of competition for the Director places.

The board gets advice and support from the company secretary.

What we want

People First (Scotland) campaigns to establish and protect the same freedom, choice, dignity and control as other citizens across all areas of life.

We want:

  • To have the same human rights as other people
  • To choose where we live and who we live with
  • To be free of discrimination and hate crime
  • To have fair access to justice under the law

We want:

  • To have relationships like other people
  • To be able to get the support we need to raise a family
  • To have proper jobs with decent wages
  • To be included in mainstream education
  • To be supported to make our own decisions
  • To live our lives as equal citizens