People First (Scotland)

A New Law for People with Learning Disabilities

People First (Scotland) are pleased to share our film about the new Learning Disability, Autism and Neurodiversity Bill. We have been campaigning for a new law for learning disability for over 20 years. In the film we share our key messages and set out what we want to see in the new Bill so that our Human Rights are fully realised and upheld in Scottish Law.

We have also written a statement that you can find by clicking on the image below.

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Hate Crime

Members of People First (Scotland) talk often about their experiences of Hate Crime, we describe it as an everyday misery. Hate crimes and incidents have had a significant and detrimental impact on the lives of many members of People First. We will continue to raise awareness and campaign to stop Hate Crime. You can see our films and photos about Hate Crime here.

Recognising Hate

Law and Human Rights Group

The Law and Human Rights Group campaigns for the rights of people with Learning Disabilities. We want to change the law in Scotland so that people with Learning Disabilities are treated equally. We have produced lots of information about this, including films. You can watch these films here.

Framework for Supported Decision Making

Health and Social Care


We want proper investment in social care to allow people with learning disabilities to get the right support to live long and full lives. Often, people with a Learning Disability live shorter and unhealthier lives than the rest of society.

We need accessible information about healthcare and well-trained professionals who will take the time to explain things to us.

We are still a long way from achieving this and you can learn more about this in our films about Health and Social Care.

Film about positive support by Midlothian members

Parent’s Group

The parents group campaign for parents with Learning Disabilities to be provided with the support we need to look after our children. Many parents with Learning Disabilities have their children removed because they are not provided with this support. A few years ago we made films for the Scottish Government training pack on child protection and disability. You can watch these here.


There are only a very small amount of people with a learning disability in paid employment.

Many members of People First would like a paid job but we need the right support to do this.

We believe that everyone with a learning disability should have individual and useful support to allow us to access training and employment. You can learn more about this by watching our film about employment.


25th Anniversary

In 2014 People First (Scotland) celebrated it’s 25 year anniversary. This was a chance for members across Scotland to come together and celebrate the work of the organisation. We made a film about the celebration and you can watch it here.

25th Year Celebration